If I Wrote a Suicide Letter...

3/22/2010 12:08:00 PMBriana Latrise

It would say something like:

Fuck you. I'm not fat but you're the biggest piece of shit I've ever loved.
Have a blessed day.

Lost my car, missed the bus by a few minutes so I got fired on the first day, I have no money and I haven't eaten real food in like... hmm... 3 days. My cat eats tho... smh. I quit. Swear to God. Nothing I do works unless it's a felony but I'm supposed to live right??? How that work? I don't get it. I just don't care anymore. About NOTHING... *shrug* what the fuck IS there to care about?

Special Shout Outs to Officer Valdez for royally fucking me sideways in my asshole raw with no lube... it felt awesome!!! That 30 day hold was just the sweetest thing you could've done for me and my existence. To my former friends: peace up... I know you love to see me down... and MTA... Thanks for ALWAYS being early in the a.m. and spacing your routes just in time to keep a nigga late... AND FINALLY::: To everyone who never supported me... good lookin. Worked just fuckin fine. I must be exactly where u want me to be: fucked up.

People keep tellin me stupid shit like: it gets worse before it gets better... and you have to pay for all your wrong doings before it can get better... to them I say: Shut the FUCK up. Just please... shut the fuck up. My shit's been fucked up and I've never been a bad person. Seriously... I know niggas who kill people and ride around in nice cars, have homes to go to and they eat everyday... so shut the fuck up. How and why would my own SELF DESTRUCTIVE past cause more damage to my soul than fucking up other people???? Just shut the fuck up. I advise, to all of you, that you ignore me when you see me in public. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. And your fake ass personalities only make me more and more irritable when I'm hungry... I'M FUCKING STARVING!

Fuck everything. I swear to God. Mother: You owe me like 7,000$ and I'm not fuckin wit you AT ALL until I get some kind of payment plan outta you... especially since you never supported SHIT I wanted to do... Father: ... oh... lol... my bad... I forgot what world I was living in for a minute...

It's official: I'm BITTER.
Fuck it.

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  1. Prayer really changes things, I pray for you, sincerely I do.


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