From the Rants and Raves Section on Craigslist... (I'm bored)

4/16/2010 11:33:00 PMBriana Latrise

You said: "... Ever notice how Blacks who butcher the English language also butcher other Blacks and have low paying jobs? Fluke? I think not. These same savage animals claim they were not given a fair chance at an education (regardless of being bussed into White neighborhood schools). Blacks LOVE to complain and will stick up for another Black regardless if they are right or wrong. Not only are these jigaboos fun to watch as they kill each other, it's fun to watch them howl racism every chance they get. This is a primitive culture with tribal mentality and criminally prone monkey-faced animals. Every fuckin' last one of 'em. Knowutimsayin' cuz? I study these people. I LOVE watching their habits, especially when they dance and sing. There is no other race on earth more entertaining than a Black. Interesting enough, every other race can't stand Blacks. Blacks even hate Blacks. I wish the World Health Organization would classify the Negroid as a disability, maybe they'd get more community leaders and government assistance. Peace out yo!"

And I say:

AHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *high pitched squealing* This is the absolute funniest fucking thing I've read... EVER!!!! Damn this is hilarious. As a Negroid... I full heartedly believe you are the biggest biggot I've ever had the pleasure of being entertained by. Thank You! You may have cured any bit of cancer in my body with the laughter you provoked. Hot damn!

-The Entertained Monkey-Faced Negroid who wishes she had some government assistance too. (They turned me down cause I had a Gucci wallet.) a.k.a Briana Latrise

(I laughed so damn hard my boy almost had to call the ambulance. That was 20 minutes ago... I'm still giggling at random.)

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