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5/25/2010 10:33:00 AMBriana Latrise

So, it is definitely true what they say: it's always bad before it gets better.
I used to hate that statement but things are finally starting to look up. I have a new laptop, (you know I love that...), I made a few thousand dollars the other day, I just got a new hustle making a stupid amount of money when I do it, plus I found a way to expand on my old hustles...

I'm thinking I should start looking for a house soon. Just to have the idea ready to go! I need that.

But on another note:

Last Night, I went to the club and ran into an ex-boyfriend right? Can you believe that he had NOTHING good to say to me? Nothing. First he told me that he was getting married and asked me if I was going to his wedding... I was like WTF? 1. How inappropriate is it for you to invite your ex girl to your wedding... 2. What the hell you mean you "getting married???" I couldn't get you to NOT cheat on me but you gon marry the next one? ok... it's cool. He's a drunk anyway... (this is how I rationalized... lol.) 3. I don't give a hot nut... I got 200$ that I brought out just for drinks at the bar, I'm bout to go spend it.

Those were my immediate thoughts. Then I congratulated him and he told me he was joking. I almost slapped him for trynna play with my emotions... Old desperate bastard. So I then told him about MY good news and he actually made a real life sour face. Like SOUR though! Lol.

So, then he says, "I just bought my stepdaughter a car. You know, doin what a dad is sposed to do for his KID." I was like WHAT THE FUCK THAT MEAN?!?! He instantly corrected himself cause he KNOWS I will choke slam a nigga over my daddy. Talk big about him and I'll make you feel real small, real quick.
He changed the subject: "You getting fat now that you got some money. At least when you was layin up with me you was in shape. Everybody wanted to holler at you then. You could even wear my pant and them boys was trynna get in them."

I thought to myself, wow... he's a little mentally abusive. And he has no money... waste of time.

Then I walked over to the bar, ordered another round and had hella fun in the club by myself. Circulating. Bought a drink for the homie... then as soon as my new Boo (oh yeah... got a new one of those too... and I really, really like this one. I just hope he doesn't fuck it up anytime soon.) but as soon as he hit me, I jetted. Once I got to him, I realized that I'd much rather fall asleep in his arms than be in anybody's club.

So content right now.

OK... Not that content. I need to go make some cash real quick so I can buy a dress for Chimene's Bday Dinner tonight. I want new shoes to go with it too. So... I need like 200... quick fast. Happy BDay Chimene!!!!

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  1. Its good things are looking up for you. You've been down too long, you need to smile a little


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