Pink Hearts and Lolipops (And all this other gay ass girly shit)

5/02/2010 10:25:00 PMBriana Latrise

ok... I seriously need some motivation. I felt inspired the other night. It was brought on by a drink or two... and it lasted all of 5 minutes. I couldn't sit down and write because my day just wasn't allowing me to. Now that I have plenty of time, and my own space to create... I just "don't feel like it. That being said... I now see why the vast majority of "us" do not accomplish our goals in life when we intend to. I mean, there's also the fact that many people don't even have goals but that's neither here nor there right now.

Oh! I met someone! He says I intrigue him. He uplifts me. I like that.

I have a billion and one side hustles and while performing one of them I ran into him. He was like my second client of the day I think. When I saw him, I must admit, I wasn't knocked off my feet... at the same time I was not at all looking for any new friends, a boyfriend, or any other acquaintance unless it involved some fast money or something beneficial to my future successes. Feel me?
So anyway: He did surprise me however. His appearance did not at all match his "professional" voice. Point for him. I love when a man fully understands that there is a place and time for everything. That there are times when you SHOULD speak proper English to the best of your abilities and that you need to be able to switch on and off with certain characteristics in order to be successful.
Moving on: We ended up speaking about how we both threw each other off with our "professional voices" and laughed about it. I had to run to my car to grab something to continue working on what he needed done in the first place and he made a move as if to walk with me but then almost hesitated. I asked him to accompany me. Point for him! I love when a man has some kind of manners. Chivalry may be in a coma but it's not dead.
So: We get to my car and while casually chatting I actually looked in his eyes and something compelled me to ask "So you're taking me to dinner right?" He smiled and asked when I wanted to go. I asked him when he was free and he implied that I was full of it and that he doesn't like when people just talk about shit. I was thinking "this poor man does not know me." I flew to NY on a whim to be with whom I now believe to be a homosexual cause he didn't believe I would fly out. (On his tab of course. lol) Anyway I said to him "Tonight. Don't bullshit. We'll go to Friday's." (I wanted something casual with big drinks and decent food. Plus... they got this 3 course thing going on for like 20$ right now. I needed that cause I had full intentions on paying for my own food. Feel me? He frowned up and suggested some other place in the Marina... I hate the Marina so I told him we could talk about it around 8 when I would call him to meet up.
Around 6pm after a few of my plans had gotten cancelled and I ended up hungry so I called him and told him I couldn't wait anymore. He's so awesome he was wit it. We went to some spot he suggested... (food sucked but we went for the drinks anyway.) I think it was a few margaritas later... we realized we had been there over 4 hours talking and laughing hysterically. Next day I had to return to his office to finish up some work. He eventually showed up (tardy as hell! He's always freggin late!) and he asked me if I wanted to head out with him for lunch. Duh!!!! So we did Mexican food again! Lot's of Tequila. Omg... I love it! Oh!!! By the way... he pays for everything! He's so sweet! And not sweet in the phony way that most people are. He's genuinely sweet. (Well at least to me. lol. I don't know about everyone else.) We definitely had fun AGAIN!
We made plans for a Friday night date and let me tell you about me: I DO NOT GET DRESSED UP FOR NO ONE! Only time you see me put effort into it is when I have to, or when I feel really really good about something. Let's just say it's rare. That's all. It's rare. Anyhoo... I was running late Friday so I text him and asked him what it looked like. Do you know this mofo flaked on me???? Totally flaked!!! Lol. So we said Saturday night we would go out. He was again, a no show... but with no call either. I called him like once or twice or something just to make sure the negro was alive!!! but I figured that either he lost his phone or he finally got scared off by something or someone from my reckless past. W/e... as soon as I officially stopped giving a Chuck, he hits me with an apology text explaining that he had to leave town unexpectedly. (Sunday afternoon.) I want to believe him... but my past experiences have lead me to believe that he's secretly married, or an undercover trifflin' negro... I'm a lil paranoid sometimes. I was going to ignore him completely but I was talking to my business partner when the text came in and he told me to stop being such a spoiled biyotch basically so I responded with a one word answer. Smh... He's got my head all Chucked up. (Chuck = f*ck) I like him... but I don't want to. I allow ppl into the special place and they start stepping all on my shit with their muddy shoes on it seems like. So... I don't know. This time... the second he chucks up... he's outta here!!!!!


Back to me procrastinating... all this blog entry was, was one long as moment of procrastination. Over here thinking about this man who's definitely NOT thinking about me right now when I need to be focused. SMH. This girly shit is stupid. I'm bout to get on this good Microsoft Word one time and make something happen for myself.

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  1. Should I add that only God knows how long I'll stay infatuated? lol. U know I got A.D.D. (the attention span of a squirrel.)


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