To Be Quite Honest:

5/01/2010 12:01:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm fucking tired. Tired!!!!

I grind hard as fuck, I make attempts to correct my short comings, I hustle harder than every female I've ever met (with the acception of that call girl... Wait-no. She sits around and waits for money so yeah... I go harder) but I feel like its all for nothing.

It could very well be true that all this hard work will pay off in the long run... But when I finally get rich Imma be payin to stay alive cause all this stress got me feeling like I won't make it. Pulling my hair out cause I'm feeling like I can't take it.

'I need to write but "I don't feel like it".
Haven't slept in days, sleep comes and I fight it.
There is no time for rest when there's no place to do it.
I guess this is the fire... Going through it.' -Briana Latrise 5/1/10

I wish someone would take this fire and light it under my ass. Help me stay focused on one task. Smh. Too much talent... No direction. Just a walking recipe for disaster.

Side note:::
Because I'm without my best friend (a.k.a my MacBook, Vikki) I can't post all the downloadable goodies like I used to. So I'm just gonna tell you about them.

Kendrick Lamar (smh... U need that in ur life. U can choose to be a lazy ass and NOT google the name and search til u find it... But let me ask u this: when was the last time gold slapped you in the face?)

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