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5/07/2010 03:51:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm changing. I hate it all as it is... So I'm changing it. I don't much have a choice really. When u want to rebuild something, what has to happen first? You much tear it down and start again. God lit a fire... (Wow. Literally...) Up under me. So... I'm changing my name. It was Briana Latrise Isaacs. Then, Briana Latrise Kamara when I married. I'm changing it to Tuesday. I care not to explain y. I'd rather you wonder or do some research and put the pieces together.

I want to paint today. Since I cannot, let me paint with words::

Picture a child. Bright innocent eyes with light in them. A smile like the sun. A baby rose is what she's like.

Now picture her in the middle of a dark ocean on a stormy night struggling to swim on her own.

Picture no one around for miles.

And then, a ray of hope.

-Tuesday's Heart.

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. awwwwwwwww BRIANA!!!! lol
    hopefully things finally work out for you :)
    i may not always comment on the blog, but i read EVERY post, maybe i'll start commenting more lol

    but this 'Tuesday' thing, is it what you were talking about on twitter earlier?(about the Tiws god of war n law)

    and the painting you would've painted would've been beautiful, i pictured it in my head exactly as you described, (then it sort made me think of you) lol but to if you would've been able to pull that off on canvas, has yet to be seen *kidding* lol i'm sure you'd be able to get it done!!

    but i'll keep praying for you Tuesday, stay positive, and remember there are people out there who care about you :D

    hope to hear back from you soon!


  2. Chris... I saw ur msg as soon as u sent it but I was a little busy. Thanks for staying in touch my dear. And I appreciate you respecting the name change.

    Things will always get better. That's just how it goes. It's just rough while it's rough. You know? Luckily for me, my beautiful step-mother helped me out this evening. Prayer and scriptures have restored my strengths. Now I just need to maintain it.
    -Tuesday's Heart

  3. :) no problem Tuesday, i know you're busy trying to live, and i'll always be in touch or just an email\tweet away lol, but what you wrote, is beautiful, :) your sayings ALWAYS make me feel better about my life :) thank you, and that's wonderful, Prayers and Scriptures usually seem to make people feel better, hopefully you will be able to maintain it! and just try and devote yourself to the Lord, he will walk with you at all times, just be more aware so you can recognize his presence even in the times that are bad, and i signed the petition for the Dolphins :D i think that's HORRIBLE what they are doing to them, thanks for pointing that out Tuesday(i almost typed Briana) lol but i guess ill end the comment here..just keep pushing through life, with your chin up, things will get better slowly as the future takes its course, but hope all continues well


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