5/08/2010 01:15:00 PMBriana Latrise

I will never fully understand why people will not accept themselves as the way God made them. I know I have made some mistakes altering my temple (my many tattoos) and I will not excuse them. All I will say about them is that I love the color and I thought they were great ideas at the time. We all make mistakes.
However, tattoos is not as big a deal to me when done correctly. I'm more focused on serious alterations such as:
Latisse (the new product that supposedly forced your eyelashes to grow within 12 weeks but may have serious side effects), buttock augmentations (mostly focused on the actual implants since they have a tendency to go wrong before the injections),breast implants and the infamous Botox. (I just can't understand why a person would want something titled: Botulinum toxin in their face... or anywhere else for that matter. If you're that worried about your appearance, all you have to do is eat right, and do not overwork yourself. I have noticed that when ppl work out excessively and starve themselves, that is when they end up looking like skeletons and feeling that they need botox and face lifts and breast implants and buttock implants etc.

I've heard too many horror stories. I cannot get into it. Not sorry.

Especially the poor women who choose to look like plastic dolls. It's freakin creepy in pictures and in person! I blame Mattel.

Smh. Damn Barbie. I definitely want to dedicate my life to activism but this issue is one I just can't begin to solve. It starts with you. You have to know that real beauty shines from within.

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