Let me just share my weekend with you... SMH

6/20/2010 10:43:00 PMBriana Latrise

So Friday I went to my aunt's funeral. Afterwards... I took my cousins to Red Lobster so we could grieve with cheddar biscuits and top shelf margaritas. Then we dropped off my younger cousin, and the older one and I headed up to the Sunset Strip to shop and drink free vodka at the Sean John store. After, we headed back to Inglewood for some Jose Quervo and then we went to sleep around 2. It was so much better than the club! So, saturday I had this AWESOME day planned. I was supposed to attend 4 parties after the studio... it did not happen that way. I woke up late, missed the studio and had to drop my cou---- wait... this is too many details. Let me get to the highlights:

So. We all remember Miles on Moesha right???? Lil Midget Bastard! Well he was at the BBQ I attended Sat afternoon in the Hollywood Hills. He followed me around for the longest like a sad puppy wanting me to believe that I love him when really I pitty him from time to time... he may have had money growing up but he didn't have shit worth having- obviously. He's also incredibly insecure which is never attractive...

Long story short.... we were at one point friends so I parked my car and hopped into his so we could hit the party around the corner. I put my keys in his jacket pocket so I wouldn't lose them because I was drunk. We get inside and grab drinks and I had to go to the bathroom so I went upstairs to the V.I.P. bathroom... (I announced it too before I went) but when I came back down... Marcus, the homies SB and Tiff were gone. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LEAVE WITHOUT SOMEONE YOU CAME WITH??????????

I walked out to where the car was previously parked... it was gone. I called him at least 10 times. No one answered... Then my phone died. So I had to walk almost a mile through the hills til I got back to my car. He was not there either. I broke into my car and sat there all night mad as fuck. I charged my phone up and called this bastard at least 200 times. He never answered any of them. I woke up in my car around 8:30. I called and I called some more... then I got fed up and called a locksmith. The locksmith shows up and THAT'S WHEN MARCUS CALLS ME from another phone to tell me some stupid bitch who I'm gonna choke slam when I see her again for opening her mouth when it had nothing to do with her, had his phone all night and he was waiting for her to bring it. He told me to tell the locksmith nevermind who said he still had to charge me 100$ anyway. So I said if I'm gonna pay you 100 you might as well make me another key.... I lied to myself. Keys for my car cost 325$ cause they're laser cut and they have chips in them that need to be programmed for the car... smh. OMG...

So... Dude makes the key... I hand him my card.... DECLINED! I hate wells fargo... they stay jackin my money when I'm not looking. I can't touch my money til the 29th... So the locksmith takes the key and leaves. I sat in my car until 3pm. I wanted to kill Marcus for not bringing me my keys yet. So I call a friend finally who lives in those same hills and he comes through with cigarettes and water which is exactly what I needed. Marcus finally calls me back at 5pm and brings my keys. We get into it and he says: "You shouldn't have given me YOUR keys. You need to b responsible." BE RESPONSIBLE???? I wanted to jump through the window and choke his miniature chuck e cheese lookin ass til he stopped breathing... HE SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKIN LEFT ME! The nigger in my threw my lit cigarette into his benz cause I couldn't get the door open fast enough to slap the bitch he was with and then him. My home boy wouldn't let me get out of the truck... He's trynna help me stray away from my nigga moments and I'm glad he does cause I clearly remember seeing the police before we pulled into that gas station... I just didn't care... anyway...

I get back to my car... key won't start the engine... know why??? Cause my key needed to be reprogrammed since dude earlier programmed a new key and when you do that no other keys will work for the car anymore... smh. Cost me 150$ to fix it and it took until 9:30 tonight to get it fixed. SO i sat in my car on that hill for almost 24 hours. Why???? Why??? Cause Miniature Poodle-Like Actors niggas who grew up in the valley ain't worth the shit they smell like...

I made a phone call. That is all.

Ok... I def meant to post this Sunday night but the internet's been trippin.

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