6/24/2010 11:57:00 AMBriana Latrise

I really can't get over the bull... I just refuse to believe that someone will treat me right. WHY???? I mean... ok... so yeah I've had some terrible relationships in the past. (Including friendships...) You think I would get up and shake them shits off and still have hope for a real one when it's time... wait... correction... I do hope... the faith that it will come and believing that I deserve it is where I fall short. How does one fix that???

On another note... I went out last night to R&B live and had sooooo much fun SOBER!!! I keep forgetting how good it feels to have sober fun with a real friend. (Even if her and her boyfriend issues do drive me insane til 6am. lol) Man... I need to gve up drinking but I love Tequila... One day at a time I guess. Plus... it's seriously hard to deal with a lot of these Hollywood folk sober... I be wanting to tell ppl about themselves...

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