6/02/2010 02:02:00 PMBriana Latrise

So if you know me at all, you should already know that while I can often be a bit of a humanitarian... I'm quick to view SOME people as sub human and I treat them accordingly. You should also know, and you can google to find out if you don't, but I have no problems temporarily lowering myself to their levels so as to make sure all is understood on both sides.

Now, with that said:::

Karen Civil,
As you can tell I do not like you. You are a liar. (In addition to some other things but you see yourself in the mirror more often than I'll bet you'd like to so you already know what it is.) SHUT THE FUCK UP! Shut up, shut up, shuuuuuuuuuuut up!
Hater. Seriously, everything is starting to make sense now. YOU influenced a few folks to feel the way they feel about me, which is cool cause I don't like weak people who believe what they're told by glorified groupies anyway, but Imma need you to just catch this fade one time. I've been asking you for it for many moons now and I feel that since you're gonna keep popping up like herpes, we should confront the issues at hand. Or you could just shut the fuck up!!!! When you wanna say ANYTHING pertaining to me, my past, my future or anyone I deal with who directly affects my life, say it to me. (Je sais tous au sujet de vous.) Running around New York spreading lies to people I talk to like they won't tell me though??? How stupid do you look? It'd be different if you'd stand behind what you say like a woman. It's cool tho. I ain't DDOT... I can hold a grudge till I slap the shit out of you.

So... just c'mon and run that or go into hiding like the gay nigga that left you for this one... (then got ejected and sent right back like he had the wrong address... lol... ya'll be making the East Coast look real bad for the young ones...)

This really was just some petty shit that YOU let get too far. Having niggas prank call my phone like it bothers me tho. Never... lol. I gave you my address... you know my phone number NEVER CHANGES cause I know how to ignore a call & I like my ringtones anyway... and YOU ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO REACH ME.

It's cool though. I'll catch up wit you soon. Real talk tho...

(I need to make this shit a pay-per-view event. Put some money in my pocket and make the high last longer. lol)

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