I did it again...

7/01/2010 05:11:00 AMBriana Latrise

I should have known better. Nothing good comes to you easily. Not even love. So now what? Is this nigga worth another day? Do I let ** ***** do what he said he wanted to do to him? Do I let *** ****** do what they said they was gonna do WHEN he finally f*ed up cause they could see it coming?

I may not have any real blood brothers but I sure do have a lot of friends and associates who know me well enough to know when I'm about to hurt myself. They love me enough to go hard for me to but honestly, I never ask them to. I just keep going. These dick heads ain't worth their energy.


I should have known better. I really should have known. Now I'm laying here beating myself up mentally cause I can't believe I'm this much of a sucka. For what? For love? Stop it. This wasn't love. Love is driving 2 hours out the way at 1am to pick up ur boy in need and then bringing him back to the Wood so he can get a good night's sleep like I just did. Love is checkin on somebody when u know they're not doing too well, because you actually care. Not cause you think you're supposed to. Love is bringing (really making it yourself) soup to a sick friend and keeping them company for a little. Love is listening to as much as you can tolerate of them stupid stories they want to tell you just cause they want to share it with YOU. Did/does he love me? FUCK NO. But he says that shit 80x a day.
I'm done.

I feel terrible for the next dude already. It just gets harder and harder to trust each time...

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