I'm still low ball sick over last night...

7/01/2010 12:54:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm really irritated... it's not at all fair. Like this punk bastard has done NOTHING for me but I went and did above and beyond for why??? So he could show his true colors as soon as HE got bored? Man... fuck niggas. Real talk. I'm so distraught. <--- what a word. lol. See what I mean... on Thursday I was just bitching about how I refuse to believe that someone would treat me right. No wonder... it's cause they aren't treating me right... it just appears that way cause they know what to play when it's time...


I think I did know better... it's just that half of me wanted so badly to believe it was real. The other half knew better.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. hey girl. ima prolly write u a poem. if it would make u feel better. but, for now this is just a letter. friends are out partying up her in toronto for canada day (july 1st) we american have the 4th... funny how in life there is always something BIG for 6 billion ppl to celebrate, but yet and still, more often than not, 6 billion ppl forget about the LITTLE things... like love. compassion, thoughtfulness... quality time. and when 6 billion ppl are 6 feet deep, it's too late... it's just too late to say what we need to say and do what we need to do. so when i could be out partying with perfect (strangers and fake, fairweather) friends (lol)... i chose to stay home and spend time with my best friend of all, ME. and i wanted to remind u to love -> YOU <- ...and when u do, MAYBE (cuz u never know...), just maybe someone who appreciates u, the REAL u, will see u light shining from within and want to be close to ur contentedness and they to hopefully will be complete within themselves and u both will choose to be together and share ur unified path, while still giving each other room to BE and Grow. god bless u and i hope this cheers u up. call me sometime when u have a chance and u can read me some poetry... i will make time for u if u make time for me. Peace Beloved, hajile aka lotus (poet dj promoter)

    "Enlightening the Industry"

    facebook: black lotus media

  2. ...and 2 days ago, I called a number. And 2 days later, I'm glad the number didn't pick up. Nice pic.

    It's okay. It's peaceful.


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