One Final Thought:

7/01/2010 05:25:00 AMBriana Latrise

***To the Love of my life: you suck! You ruined everything!!! I asked you NOT to have any babies without me & you did. I asked you to be careful but you went to the pen. I asked you to always love me and I believe you still do but 18 years is a lifetime to wait on you. And you took all the real ones wit you too lol. Now I'm stuck with these lame ones. Just Boo Boo.

***I used to always say that I live life, no regrets. I lie. I wish I could take back that last day at least. Just that last day. I would have done everything different if it meant you would still be here. Even if not with me. Just know you're not the only one going thru the fire... I'm with you even if I'm not with you.


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  1. sound like you need a real person in your life ... no b.s. no strings ... no heartbreak no headache ..... honestly i feel u cuz im going thru the same thing wit my "friend" i love her to def but she jus on some half ass shit .. im jus tired of the drama i just want someobdy that actually love me back 100 percent. she said she cant give me what i want .. so that shouldnve been the signal to jump ship ... but i understand. sometimes you have to jus stop looking for it and jus let it come to you. i know its easier said then done and mayb u be waiting for a long time but sometimes u jus gota get out of that space and jus worry about YOU and never put anybody or love anybody more than yourself or care for soembody more than yourself especially if u seeing that the other person isnt put in the work you are. just food fo thought love .....



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