7/18/2010 03:35:00 AMBriana Latrise

The things we do...

So I met this girl like 4 years ago on MySpace. I didn't know she was crazy until I met her in person and by that point I wasn't really trippin cause who am I to judge? So i kick it with her from time to time in hopes that I can inspire her to do more than want to live off someone else you know? Living like that gets you nowhere.

Long story short... she's hooked up with the ex that Ii just talked about previously and she keeps hittin me through text about how she's "taking pics with Joseph on the red carpet" and "talking shit about Briana" with her cousins, etc. I am absolutely flattered!!! This hasn't happened to me since high school. I'm juiced. Something great must be coming about for me real soon.

Anyway... I left town for the weekend. I'm visiting an area I went to high school in... well one of the high schools I went to. If you don't know I was enrolled in 3... in 3 different cities: Miami, Fairfield which is in New Jersey and Moreno Valley which is in California. I'm seeing people I haven't seen in over 6 years. This shit is crazy! It's been an awesome weekend so far! Completely awesome. I was gifted with two bottles of 1800 and they're asking me to stay till Tuesday. I really need to get back to Cali but IDK... I might wanna stay a little longer... MAYBE... it's been so freakin cool... just chillin. No Hollywood BS, no drama, just chillin at the house playin guitars and talkin shit. Wrote a lil song... LEARNED A NEW SONG THAT I LOOOOOOOVE ON THE GUITAR!!!! See! Awesome weekend so far. It wa much needed cause this morning in LA... I was ready to kill something... Mostly my own dreams but it's cool. Tomorrow Imma head to my exes house for a BBQ with his mom and the rest of his family minus him (FREE GOLDEE MAC!!!!) and then I might head down to a beach to meditate (if I can remember where the private ones are) before I head "home".

I gotta thank God for this day and everyday I've ever had. Today, talking to people from my past... people who actually know me, people who witnessed me make it through much tougher times than the ones I'm experiencing now, I realize that I'm going to be fine. It's good. I mean really... there was a time when my body just shut down from weeks of drug abuse and I basically blacked out for two days straight and woke up missing my underwear and everything valuable... and I was around people I thought I could trust. And fuck it... I'll admit it... I've been raped. I never wanted to admit it before because it made me feel weak and even typing it now I'm tearing up but only because I've never dealt with it before. I just suppressed it. The memory came back the other day though. It's been fucking me up since so I feel I have to say something. I've never told anyone. It's cool though. I'm still here. Still alive. Still healthy. Thank you Jesus! No HIV. No AIDS or anything else. I am so very Thankful for that. Streets are mean... and I pray that little girls and boys who think they want to run them just choose life instead. Go to school, do the work! It makes it all so much easier in the end. At least, that's what it looks like from here.


1800 must be my truth serum. I'm not even drunk and I'm spilling beans I've never spilt before. SMH. Wow!

Stay blessed ya'll. These times are hard. Serve a purpose.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Wow Bri, you DEF need to stay out there a bit longer, you seem more at peace, :( i teared up when i read the last part... i'm sorry... but i'm glad you're here today, and i'm blessed, to be able to learn, and interact with someone as inspirational, intelligent, and REAL, as you..

    it always hurts reading about the hardships you go through :( if you ever want to email me, and talk about stuff you can, i won't tell no ONE, nor will i judge you, i just know how it feels to need to vent to people, but i guess all the bad stuff made you who you are today :)...

    if you ever get a chance, you need to uStream and play the guitar! lol just what you know..

    and im sooooo happy youre enjoying yourself, at your old town, that's GREAT... :) i'll stay praying for you.. keep having a good time, and try not to let little things stress you as much lol....


    alright i'll stop here lol

  2. The sound on my ustrea doesn't want to work anymore... :( and I'm working on the new music. I got you soon.


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