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8/09/2010 10:18:00 AMBriana Latrise

I definitely missed my birthday being that I was incarcerated due to my own irresponsibility. I just want to tell ALL of you beloved readers that "procrastination is like masturbation... you're only f*n yourself". Take me for example: I had a HUGE 200+ person BBQ planned for the Sunday before my birthday. An entire neighborhood put their hard earned food stamps and cash up for the food and drinks at my party and I was a damn no-show cause I chose to disobey SO MANY traffic laws thinking "I'm a good driver and I don't need a license to tell me so...".

So my happy ass got locked up.

SMH. I missed a date with my dude, my party, my birthday, my aunt was out here and I wanted to see her so badly but I missed her while I was in jail. I missed EVERYTHING!!!!!

The moral of the story is: Take care of your ish on time. AND DO NOT FOR HALF A SECOND THINK THAT "TIME HEALS ALL"!!!!

It's Time+Work=Results.

Warrants, problems, issues, crazy ex girl/boyfriends, lol... etc... those things do not just evaporate or disintegrate just because you want them to... trust me!!!! You have to fix them. There's always a way. So in the words of my disgustingly intelligent father, "Figure it out!".

With that... I bid you Good Day.

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