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8/29/2010 10:19:00 AMBriana Latrise

Everyone's always telling me to blog more... but I have nothing to say these days... For the most part. I can tell you that the man I sleep next two is only a few days away from waking up a victim... I just might end up on snapped. He disgusts me. However, I live here. I don't want to leave til the painting I'm working on dries. lol. Fuck... I swear I hate some days. Can I just bitch a lil?

Next time around:

I need a man who knows how to speak. I need him confident, (not cocky) and intelligent. I need him to be assertive. I need him to still have some drive left to go get it; ambitious... honest... I neeeeeeeeeed him to take pride in his appearance. He ain't gotta go over board but please!!!!!! fuck it... I might just need a leo. lol. Nipsey's kinda cute... lol. *rolling my eyes* Man... The wackest part is... I'm so madly in love with another... Mainly just because I can't have him... but also because he embodies all those things that make a man irresistible to me. I feel like i'm in prison right now... lol.

What I'm really irritated about: I just want to finish this project but people out here are slow and full of shit. I hate this city... I swear I do. Niggas out here front more than anywhere.... and it's contagious! It's like you can't help it here. Sumthin in the air makes us all crazy. Maybe it's the weed... maybe I belong elsewhere... maybe this song, "SkyHigh" by Chase N Cashe is the greatest thing to happen to me today. I swear listening to it pleases me in ways that I can't explain... lol. It makes the dude I share this room with jealous cause he wants the ability to do that... but it won't happen til he becomes someone else. Fuck...

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. I got no haterismz for you. I havent read anything lately that hit me at my core like some of what I've read in your blog. I used to think that my native language was english but at some point I realized that *we* speak something else. It was good to see something written in my own language. When I read some of the stuff you wrote I feel like I am listening to someone talk through the bars of a cell. But at the same time knows so much about the outside world. I wish that I could personally break you out.
    You see, I don't live in the states anymore. I had to get away. Once you get out, your understanding of the mechanisms that keep *us* on the sidelines will be ever so clear. I feel frustrated just reading your blog. Like I am trapped inside with you. I guess that's called empathy. I looked at your blog posts. I saw that you have been posting all month and not one comment. I guess your feedback has been in person. This is my little piece, If you want somebody to bounce ideas off of or want feedback, please get with me.


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