Prison: The Easy Way Out

8/17/2010 03:22:00 PMBriana Latrise

Once you learn the ropes, or find ur lane inside... It's all a breeze after that. U have absolutely no responsibilities while locked up. I see now why it's so easy for the young men AND women to become institutionalized.

Really... You wake up, eat, shower, talk shit wit the homies, eat, talk more shit, get drunk, talk more shit, then sleep. It's like an extended stay for nukkas with nothing to do.

And... The system doesn't wanna see you better yourself, or get out early and win in this world. They just need ur body like the machines in the matrix. They feed off of you. Ur presence sends their kids to college... It buys their Scotch and their wives Pinot Grigios & Merlots... You pay for their satellite television and unlimited text on their children's cell phones while you rot in a cold stone room on a metal bed with cheap paint plastered over it. While your brain wastes away... It's the easy way out... Just the tail end of it.

Think about it.
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