The Coldest Hustle Since Crack

10/05/2010 04:10:00 PMBriana Latrise

I can't lie. I LOVE me some bottled water. Well I did, until I realized that the FDA DOES NOT TEST BOTTLED WATER WATERS REGULARLY! They allow the manufacturers to test the water themselves and send the results in. AND... there's only ONE person responsible for making sure that these waters have been tested and are safe to drink. ALSO! The FDA has no authority over water that is bottled and sold within a state which means: If you live in California and you choose to drink Deja Blue water which is bottled in Victorville, CA (surprise to me cause it's the driest, ugliest dirt bowl this side of Nevada) you have no clue what's in the water. It probably HAS NOT been tested at all! There have been numerous water recalls due to the discovery of arsenic, and or other CANCER CAUSING agents that have leeched into your water because of their destructive plastic containers that are rarely recycled. (Thank God for crack heads and poor folks in Cali right? Without them, who would recycle in the hood? There's no curb-side recycle pick up in my neighborhood. SMH)

The profit off water is unbelievable. Selling drugs is truly for failures. Water is that new go fast. What next? Bottled air? lol. Sheesh.

The machine needs to be stopped before we kill ourselves off. The machine, or the industry is dangerous as all hell. Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper have us all fooled. I shoulda known something was wrong when Mc Donald's started selling Dasani. (Trash water by the way. It's just filtered tap water. What a fucking hustle!) WAKE UP!

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