The Devil's Game PT. 2

10/09/2010 04:45:00 PMBriana Latrise

WARNING: some content in this note may offended some of the readers, as well as stirr up alot of people opinions and judgements about me, and im perfectly aware and okay with that b/c of the simple fact i know who I am therefore i dont need anyone else to tell me otherwise... the content presented within this note is my experience within the industry through MY eyes...and not everybody sees what i see, but im very observant. this note is also equipped with alot of mature language as well as content, all disclosed names will NOT be released to public....i understand alot of ppl will look at me differently, but in hopes i may changes someones life by them reading this, and with all due respect its gonna take alot out of me to put all of this into words b/c i express myself VERY differently as i elaborate so please do not listen wrong or read upside down... and last but not least... its about to get real deep as i rip my heart out and stain the blood upon this sheet...

I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes..Hate in my heart, love in my mind.I seen nights full of pain, days of the same.You keep the sunshine, save me the rain.I search but never find, hurt but never cry.I work and forever try, but I'm cursed so never mind.And it's worse but better times seem further and beyond.The top gets higher, the more that I climb.The spot gets smaller and I get bigger.Tryna get into where I fit in, no room for a nigga.But soon for a nigga it be on mother fucker,cause all this bullshit, it made me strong mother fucker...
-Lil Wayne "Drop the World"

It was all a dream, i used to have in my sleep.Now the days of this dream is all i see... never could image i could bring such a beautiful beast out within me.I had dug myself into a hole i couldn't get out.After all the dark days and nights of my screams and shouts,God answered what little voice was left within me.... this led to the creation of "CeCe"

Soooo many people wish they could just live the "celeb" life for 15 minutes, they think its so easy and they have what it takes to become successful....truth is they dont.One has to be strong and in control of all aspects of their being, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and verbally and be able to have a "talent" that the world can see and want more of all at the same time,while in doing so dance with the devil.I like to call the industry the "Devils Game" because everywhere i look its a devil in the shape or form of something that tries to trick you into loving and giving unto it. (ex. - money,cars,jewelry,women,contracts) you get the point but the devil can also create and form orbs of energy in smaller related forms involving those things.

I myself never really wanted this life, i just happened to stumble in it out of curiosity, i wanted to be a basketball player or a computer analyst...but i allowed my curiousness of this "energy" to keep me going in this direction which got me to where i am today.I was young ripping and running the streets trying to find answers to all these questions in my mind as well as building myself for what was to come later in life, i guess its safe to say that i learned very early in life and i thank god for throwing me in hell,because now i see the light within heaven.I have been judged and tortured all my life about the many things i have done, dont we all ? I had a really tough time through my early years of childhood and school let alone enough personal problems on my own that mentally,emotionally and spiritually tore me to pieces...and for some reason this "industry" has restored my pure soul of the woman who i was spose to be instead of me selling it to the devil.

All the fame,fortune and glory Ive been in presence of was very interesting to me, never fascinated me because none of it was mine i knew what i had and i played my role well.And lets not talk about these "celebrities" I've come in contact with O.o (twitter face) lol anyways all i wanted to do was share my talent with the world because nobody believed in me,so i had to believe within myself and go out there and do something about it,and thats exactly what i did.I had turned NOTHING into something.As i got older the people in this "world" got more demon ish (if thats a word) I quickly noticed the trouble it would soon become which is how i saved myself from being captive by the devil and its ways.

All these beautiful women i see around me i know are way smarter then what they are doing,but who am i to judge i don't know their motive...but from what they tell me and how they act it makes it all seem so one-wayed.The "groupies,whores,sluts,prostitutes,strippers,pops,rollers,skeet bags...etc" what ever you want to call them are over rated now a days, its like when a REAL women who wants to make a difference steps into this gets quickly placed in one of those categories as I did by almost EVERYONE who I've came across.(excuse my language but..)Just because i flirt and am nice DOES NOT mean i want to fuck you,your manager,your DJ or anybody else.And each time it was the devil playing fucking mind games with me.

It happens just about the same way EVERY fucking time.Someone who has the power to change your career will try to take what ever they can from you for FREE then leave you for the vultures to eat if you don't obey by THEIR rules.Its very sad but all so true.These "people" (who will remain nameless) have all tried to belittle me as a woman and take away the respect,pride and integrity i have instilled within myself.FUCK them i will NEVER let ANY men do that shit to me no more.When i was young i was dumb and happens everyone makes mistakes....but I've become a very smart bitch especially with being around these "people" . Business isn't business anymore because sooo many people will do it for FREE just to have a taste of that "victory" like leeches their are thirsty for this special type of blood sooo thats why nobody wants to rightfully pay their dues to one.

I don't give a FUCK about who you are,how much money you got,or how many records you've sold,or how many games you've contributed to win,or how many houses you got,or what kinda cars you got,fuck your jewelry its YOURS keep it and stop telling me like i care O.o you got yours and unless your sharing by paying me for my hard work then shut the fuck up and let me go make my own means by attaining these things.I've never been a materialistic person so nice try babes, that doesn't get me all wet... try that on some other "basic bitch" (stop getting offended if you know this ain't you) anyways... these "people" keep trying me like im some lil soft bitch. if i want i could expose them for their true selfs, but what are my words against'd be pointless... as long as i have a piece of mind on my side of the fence its all good.

But to some of them who have tried my hand in patience i have exposed them "subliminally" (revenge is kinda sweet if you ask me)but it's so many fake ass people in this industry who will sell you dreams even they cant afford.Its either you have enough money to pay your way through the industry or you lay on your back and open your legs.Which is not fucking happening I'd rather go back to working at walmart for all of that BS.People easily confuse "loyalty" with "favors" and "FREEBIES" business is business and these "people" try to conduct business then fall off subject by sexually implying shit towards me.

It's been a wild ride through their adventures,funny thing is i dont have to fuck you to have fun, i can smoke,drink,party n have a good time itself if you wanna fuck somebody how about you think about your baby moms,wife and or your kids back at home before jumping in bed with strangers O.o (subliminal) anyways im not saying im perfect....but i don't and WILL not let the devil have my soul... its mine, GOD is the only man i praise in depth within my internal soul but yet the devil is chasing behind me everywhere i go,watching and waiting for the right moment....and everytime he comes so close to my lips i stabb him in the heart and kick him in the nuts (expressing myself in a weird way)

It's all come down to getting money...the fame isn't really what its cracked up to be. Lights,camera,action,TV,blogs...ehhh its the entertainment industry and i understand it's built to E N T E R T A I N but its sad how so many lies are easily planted to keep the world away from the truth... I've been changing alot of things within my career path,and alot of people are treating me like im nothing and i REFUSE to be the "bad girl" the industry wants,i can't get to where i want because i wont give "THEM" what they want... I'd rather spend time watching cartoons and taking care of ME.Money makes the world go round and with NO money what is a person left to do? i know it makes people do crazy things because they love them selfs and want to provide for them and or their family but please im warning all the beautiful ladies who have not bowed down to please do not fall into that dark hole.

DO NOT sell your soul to the devil....for you may never be the same again.You will be living lifeless.Stale,a walking lost soul of emptiness with temporary happiness as it comes and goes.Do not let anyone take ANYTHING away from you that they havent blessed you not trying to tell anyone to not be in the industry but just be VERY careful when walking on this thin ass ice.It's also sad to say that maybe if i did sell my soul to the devil im pretty sure that I'd be really famous by now, but i refuse and its not worth it to me... i value my love,life,peace and happiness that ive generated... and last but not least
When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and then I could say, "I used everything you gave me".

LIFE= Learned Intelligence From Experience
-take L.I.F.E for what its worth, learn all you can,when you can,from who you can, WHILE you can. L.I.F.E. is about growth,and the will to change to better yourself within your destiny and purpose for existence,dont see L.I.F.E through your eyes, see it through your [HEART] ♥

sincerely ,
Charmaine "CeCe" Evans <3

{Baby girl went in on some truths... I love her more now. What a beautiful mind this girl has... and such a strong spirit. Never change!}

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