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3/04/2011 08:31:00 PMBriana Latrise

Chase N Cashe of the Surf Club's latest project. I would post it... but because it ain't up on his twitter yet... Imma wait til he gives us the OK to give it to you. Just know to be on the look out for this Cat.

I absolutely ADORE his production (he def has his own sound) and his lyrics bring back that old 90's feel. Something you can relate to you know? He's not trying to do too much.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK... and stay tuned.

On another note:

It's a great day for music in my world!

My favorite newtome tv writer/actor/comedian, Donald Glover, does music too!!!! WTF??? I never knew!!!! And if I'm not mistaken, he produces too??? Crazy. Everybody's moving at light speed right now... (except me). Guess I better catch up before I get left behind. Again...

Blew me away today!!!

Here's his mixtape:::



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