I'M BACK SNITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/25/2015 12:32:00 PMBriana Latrise

"It's been a long time... I shouldn't left you..."
But I got knocked up, baby daddy turned out to be a little boy who ran, and shit was tuff! Here I am tho... Baby's 20 months... (for non parents and mofos who can't count... he's almost 2 years old). I've been through some things:

Started a business
Fell in love with a dream
Then I fell in love with a lie
Found myself
Started another business
Lost myself
Overworked myself
Found myself again
Remembered my original self
Combined both those hoes...
and here we are, today. In 2015. Trine keep it balanced.

I'm about to actually PURPOSE this blog this time around.
I find that when I vent, I'm less likely to scowl in public. More likely to smile at strangers and let's just be honest here: what you give is what you get. So in a sense, I am selfishly venting here... but it'll do some good in my universe... and since 6 degrees of separation feels more like you live 3 blocks away and I used to date your homie... it'll possibly do your universe some good too.

I WILL say whatever the FUCK I feel HOWEVER I feel... I may apologize... but I probably won't.
If you no likey... you know what to do.

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