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Straight Out of Compton...

8/06/2015 08:21:00 AMBriana Latrise

I saw it last night.

1st, Little O'shea, you can get it on my next birthday, lol.

2nd, on a more serious note, excellent movie. Them boys played the hell out of their rolls. Kudos kids! Very proud.

3rd, I cried. A LOT! Not even at the parts I should have. Like, We all "knew" E died of AIDS. (I'm still skeptical as to how he contracted that shit... honestly... I don't trust the government, lol.) That was sad but expected so you got no tears from me on that part. I cried at the injustices: the police brutality, the gang fights, the Suge Knight lol. I cried about them getting fucked over financially cause like MOST black talent in the past, they could read a contract and DAMN SURE couldn't trust white lawyers, managers, record execs, etc.

I'm tired. 30 fucking years and we still getting beat up, robbed, picked on by gang members with badges. AND... we still can't fucking read. (I mean this. I know a few individuals who LIVE by their college degrees. They boast and brag about them all day, it's so cute but so sad. None of them have jobs in the field they  majored in, and none of these particular individuals CAN FUCKING READ AND COMPREHEND! I showed a few a business plan I wrote and they didn't get it. They needed a dictionary for what I thought were basic business terms. I just don't understand! I'm a dropout for fuck's sake! A HIGH SCHOOL drop out lol.)

We're not putting any effort into anything anymore. We don't care. We sit around like entitled kids expecting hand outs and free passes. Then get upset when shit don't work out for us. THEN, when we haven't done any of the REAL work we should have been doing, we lean on "God", and put all our frivolous wishes in Jesus name but don't even know who Jesus was. (Please don't get me started on the Bible and what not, Shakespeare wrote it and I coulda swore that ninja was known for shit like A Midsummer Night's Dream. Great STORY by the way. The Bible got a lot of GREAT STORIES too as a matter of fact, but I can't take no contradictory tales as a little book of instructions for my life. Let the Bible lead me, I'm supposed to be someone's property when read in certain contexts... and that's a little too grey for me so... you know. I mean, low key, L Ron Hubbard wrote some religious books too after a crap ton of sic-fi.... See, don't get me started... I'll go into Egyptian history, other Afrikan histories, etc... lol.

I digress.

These killings we keep hearing about and reading about on FaceBook ARE NOT A NEW TREND by the way! They have BEEN doing this. They just finally started reporting them and THAT should make you wonder.

Remember that 9 out of 10 times, cops are scared of you. They're like snakes. Seriously. While they CAN fuck you up, they're usually afraid, so they WILL attack you cause for whatever reason, the bad cops are always "in fear of their life". Goddam shame.

More than police bullying people, I am tired of US! I'm tired. Read something, know your rights, fight for them intelligently. I am by no means someone who will ever just stand there and take some bullshit, but when I argue with you, I like to at least SOUND like I know what the fuck I'm talking about!

In the past, when we witnessed some serious police brutality/injustice what did we do? We rioted, right? We fucked shit up. In our OWN neighborhoods though. The 60's Watt's Riots, the whole early 90s lol, all we did was hurt ourselves. It also gives them right to beat this shit out of us, shoot us, run us down in a large group. We've become domestic terrorists when we start flipping cars and starting fires, and terrorists get bombed. Lol... Think about that.

Back then, I get it. It was tough times. BUT YOU! You however, have ALL the information you could ever need about anything right here in front of you... at your finger tips. But, you probably prefer arguing about dumb shit on FaceBook, shopping for the latest trends, and stalking people that don't give a fuck about you while bored at work huh? *shrug* fuck it. Go on an gossip then. Keep reading my blog, cause I tell ALL my own business. You can get "the tea" straight from the horse's mouth smh.

My point was, we don't care. We are just slaves to the system and for what? For lack of fight. I thought colored folks were strong. ALL us colored folks. lol... U "niggas" let gold chains sparkle yo' ass into submission? That's sad. YOU'RE ALREADY KINGS AND QUEENS and them fucking jewels you want so badly are INSIDE YOU! But you can't find them cause you're too busy drowning in the jones' you wanna keep up with.

For the record....

This is NOT what you look like:

THIS is who you are:

Awww Damn... we don't even know huh? WHO ARE YOU? I'm curious.

You want to be some shit you saw on tv but them tv tricks don't even want to be themselves, lol...


Get your shit together for our kids.

AND, try a #readthatbook challenge, or a #growthemherbs challenge... little nasty hot asses.

I'll get to you boys later...  30 goddam years, smh. You don't even know how to be men anymore. SMFH

I'm done.

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